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Let's do this!!!

2010-04-17 19:17:25 by Manaheart14

After receiving some constructive criticism on Heart Drive Demo, I am glad to say that I'm gonna take my time and make Heart Drive one of the best amateur sprite collaboration series on NG! But I need help and you guys are the ones to do it! Here's the storyline so far: Peace is upheld between the various dimensions of the universe by keeping themselves isolated from another. However a connection was established by a force stringer that the dimensions could detain. The Souls of a chosen few in each dimension were linked together by 3 dark beings, one of Nature, one of Balance, and one of Space. The chosen heroes will be pit against each other in order to.....more will be revealed in Heart Drive. So any comments questions or concerns, go ahead!

I'm Back

2010-04-05 18:51:13 by Manaheart14

I'm back after almost a year and a half. However something terrible happened, I'm not sure if you heard, but someone broke into my school(Douglass High School) and stole some stuff over the summer. Including all of the wacom tablets, so out of kindness, I returned the wacom tablet I borrowed from my teacher, so Re-Genesis may be over. But Heart Drive will continue. I apologize to my Re-Genesis fans and my Co-Author, if I get a new tablet, I will continue it and it'll be better than ever, but as for now, Heart Drive is my main concern. Anybody wanna help out?

Oh man this is gonna kill... okay here it is: I was sitting at my cpu, racing against the clock to get the Regenesis Ep. 3 script done before my birthday(which was hours away) then as I saved it and loged off, I got a really bad vibe. M mom got on the computer and said there was something wrong with it. After trying to figure out what was wrong, I sent it to a repair store in mid-June. By the middle of July I found out the problem I had was called lopping windows due to a defective hardrive...meaning what? That all my hardwork and reusable movie clips for Regen. 3 were gone and unfortunately, the script with it. so here I am at the dawn of August and my cpu shpould be coming back any day now. The bad thing is that I may not get Regenesis 3 to you guys until December.....the GOOD thing is that while my cpu was gone, I practiced my art skills and I have improved quite a bit. So when Rege. 3 does come to you guys, you can expect something worth the wait.

No Award!?!?!

2009-05-14 18:21:43 by Manaheart14

Well, all schools have award ceremonies and today I had mine. However, I did not get an award for anything while my friends did. The girl of my dreams got the award that I and everyone was chanting for me to get. I'm not mad at her though. So, any Re-Genesis type stuff as far as Episode 3 goes, will be taken care of by LeoK(he does the animation anyway) because I have to become smarter and more prominent for my efforts. I mean, even the language arts teacher who always brags on me said nothing! Anyway, I'm putting everything on hold until I do what I should have done a long time ago.

I'm sorry co-authors and fans( if there are any) for the wait, but I've to take care of some personal things.

Re-Genesis 3

2009-04-24 19:06:28 by Manaheart14

wether I'm going to start now or not, I feel I should just put this out there.

Re-Genesis, sometimes may be told from multiple points of view so starting like in the next episode or the 4th, there may be an interruption in the current sequence, and it'll go to another part of the story, I'm not saying that one minute they'll be fighting and then the next minute they're in a court screaming OBJECTION!!!! i'M just saying that it will go to a whole new set of characters just so that I can introduce more chracters to Re-genesis. And after a write the script regenesis may not come out again fro months because I'll be practicing and taking EOCT for 9th grade. Anyway, if it does happen don't be thrown off. And one more thing, I know i've delayed the whole point of re-genesis. It will be fully explained after the fight scene in the next episode, so no more complaining okay? Okay! As for now, here's an explanation to stabalie you:

The protagonists sable and Arch and Jaice are all neghbors in a cul-de-sac/ village called dawn. There are other characters in dawn but they won't appear yet. Anyway, being that their world is lacking professional jobs, Jaice took on odd-jobs for money, and because of his speed and loyalty on the missions, he is called "lapdog". Sable and Arch were once members of a team called Squad Zero. They had another teammate, but like I said, other characters won't appear yet. I can't spoil the purpose of the team yet, but as of now the need for those teams has gone and they just spend their days seeing the sights and broadening their horizons and relaxing from the strife that those assignments brought upon them.

p.s. here's a little secret if you goto my myspace page and look at my photos, you'll find i think 3 unseen chracters, and one of them, I beleive the black one is the whole reason I started Re-Genesis!

my myspace url is( you have to request me as a friend first)


2009-04-17 23:38:25 by Manaheart14

I haven't really been doing anything besides freaking loads of school work and working on mugshots of re-genesis characters, some are new and can be found at my deviantart page shadowXmaria4ever, yeah, I think I could have done better, but I'm still practicing. Anyway for know I'm just checking with LeoK about Heart Drive, I tried to get the help of other good flash artists like Destroyedpencil, because apparently somehow his,her stuff gets higher than Leok's but I like his kinhgom hearts flashes anyway. If anyone wants to help with heart drive, just drop a comment or pm me.


Re-Genesis Ep. 2

2009-04-04 11:44:43 by Manaheart14

Sry for the long wait but all Re-Genesis Episode 2 needs now is some final reviews, then I'll submitt, Idsk if you guys'll like it, but I worked hard on it so not much longer now!

Hello NG,recently I applied for a summer program called MS(2), a math science program that would have gotten me a full scholarship, with which i could have gotten into SCAD university(Savannah College of Art and Design) which would have boosted my flash skills. However, today my father received a letter saying that I did not make it in. Now, I DID cry, alot in fact, but my father told me that I am only in 9th grade and this is just 1 of the many disappointments that I go through. And after he talked to me for a while, I realized that some people don't have jobs, everyday they get up and pray that today is the day they will finally find a job and sometimes, they do find a job and sometimes they don't , my father is no exception. Now I realize that sometimes it takes great disappointment to make yourself better. With this letter of failure, my drive has now been increased beyond space and nothing can stop it, I now realize that I should have spared no expense in working for this opportunity. And now, I shall keep this letter, so that when I start to lose my determination, this letter will remind me of what I almost had, but didn't get because I didn't go as far as I could. So as of now, I will be better in everything I do, I will be the best, no longer will I be damned to subordination to a classmate, my skill and drive shall damn them into eternal subordination. I know I sound like an ass right now, however what I say is the truth, my friends better enjoy seeing me stay behind as they go to MS(2) because from now on, they'll be watching my back.

okay listen, I've had like two or three comments, not to mention my friends at school , saying that Re-Genesis is like naruto. And I'd like to make a few points clarifying somethings.

1. Sable is not Sasuke!!! When it comes to hairstyles, I go overboard, so I just pick 2 of my favorite anime characters and combine their hair. Sable's hair = Sasuke's + Xemnas's. Same thing goes for Jaice and Arch! Jaice = Cloud and Sora, and Arch = Vincent Valentine and KH2 Riku. Their will be other characters that have the same thing goin on, I'll try to keep their hair as original as possible without giving them 1000 bangs like i usually do.

2.The storyline is NOT like naruto! They go on missions in squad's and they live in a "villiage". I just wrote village in the script! It's really more of a Large, Metropolitan Cul-de-sac, if you will. And as for them being on teams, they don't stay together all the time! Sometimes they have missions they require part of the team.

3. Arch is NOT gay!!! He's just a valley-type guy. There is no stereoscopically slur intended, I just envisioned Arch being an extremely happy person, don't worry he'll have a major attitude change in a while.

4. Drive is not like Chakra!!! Drive is an energy born completely out of determination, and proper beckoning to a spirit. And No!!!! When i say beckoning, I don't mean hand signs! Admittedly, I wanted to do something like that, but they don't use their hands, they use their entire body, and they don't use just the Zodiac, they use other things like, Nature, Space, and other animals and elements, and things.

Anyway that should get a few things off my back. More will be revealed in Re-Genesis in time...

Passed math, back on flash

2008-10-24 20:59:59 by Manaheart14

We all know that school and education is important and nothing must get in the way of.....ahh what the hell am I saying? Flash is awesome and I'm back on Heart-Drive! as of now I'm still working on heart drive ep.1 but while you wait I'm gonna release a Heart Drive Smackdown kinda thingy. so see ya!